Professional consultation, based on 15 years experience in the VRLA battery business, ensures precise selection of a suitable battery, according to the needs and requirements of the customer.

Batteries by application:
o UPS Devices – single phase and three-phase UPS
o Telecommunication equipment
o Industrial applications
o Renewable energy sources – solar panels, wind power plants , hydroelectric power stations
o Security and fire alarm systems, CCTV, access control
o Emergency lighting, central systems for emergency lighting (220V), portable lanterns
o Batteries for mobile equipment and cyclic use – golf carts, floor cleaning machines, wheelchairs, kids electric cars, electric scooters, campers and caravans, other hobby applications
o Medical equipment

Batteries by rated capacity and voltage:
o Nominal voltage of a single battery or battery block – 2V-480V
o Nominal capacity of a single battery or battery block – 1Ah – 3000Ah

Consultation on the choice of battery by specific requirements and custom solutions.

Complete solutions
Complete systems and solutions for batteries and racks for back up of a single UPS or parallel UPS groups with nominal power of 10kW -2000kW and back up time requested by the customer. Solutions for long reservation (5-10h) of telecom equipment, systems for renewable energy, industrial and other applications.
Calculation of the necessary batteries for reservation of a set load (A / W) or time (min. / H) by an accurate software:
o Back up load – Watt / Amper
o Nominal voltage of the system – V
o Cut off end voltage per cell – V / cell
o Back up time – min. / h
Configuration of different solutions for batteries racks / cabinets and cable set.

Gerobat Ltd., as exclusive and authorized representative of CSB Battery for Bulgaria, has continuous access to information about types and stock availability in the central warehouse of CSB Battery, located in the Netherlands. GEROBAT keeps in stock a wide range of batteries and quantities from First Power brand. Based on large stocks, we can provide fast delivery and logistics of batteries and complete systems and solutions of batteries & racks/cabinets, needed for projects or specific customer’s requirements.
Gerobat Ltd. has a warehouse and logistics base in Serdika Business Center, with a wide variety of batteries and quantities in stock and the necessary equipment – trucks, warehouse equipment and forklift for fast and accurate customer service.
Gerobat Ltd. has contracts with the leading logistics companies in Bulgaria and delivers batteries to any location in the country within 1-3 days.