Motorcycle Series



Motorcycle Battery Summary

The FirstPower Motorcycle battery is engineered to protect against seepage and corrosion, deliver high cranking power, even when the weather’s dealing its worst. It’s the rugged, reliable and dependable battery that customers are looking for. The high-tech. Power-boosting design, FirstPower Motorcycle battery can provide right battery for right job – that’s where it all starts.

The industry standard for motorcycles snowmobile and riding mowers, our motorcycle battery offers high cranking power, nice cold cranking performance, minimal internal resistance, maximum power.

With the lead-calcium technology and the AGM used, our Maintenance-free VRLA type motorcycle battery assume really sealed, Never needs refilling, offer a really maintenance-free battery for you.

  • Non-spillable (no acid leakage).
  • Can be used immediately and not need activation procession.
  • High cranking current for rigors of cold weather starting.
  • Resist vibration damage packs in extra plates.
  • Resist corrosion for longer battery life.
  • Resist damage from gas, oil, impact.

General Technical Specifications